Caring Network

Caring Network serves hundreds of pregnant teens and women and their families each year. Caring Network clients have access to personalized case management, referrals, material support, parenting and pregnancy education classes, and limited transitional housing. All services are FREE and are either provided at our site (1441 South Westnedge) or at a community location.

At Caring Network we work with families to reduce infant mortality risk factors, ensure healthy pregnancies, encourage healthy child development, and build strong parenting skills. Our goal is to help women choose life for their baby, deliver a healthy baby, and assist parents in providing a good life for both themselves and their child.

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Case Management

Case Management

Skills and supports to achieve your goals.

Caring Network staff provide compassionate and confidential help to pregnant and parenting women, helping them find the community resources they need in order to have a healthy pregnancy and birth and to achieve their goals. We offer case management to set goals, help with housing needs, provide support for women in crisis, learn parenting skills, and more. Pregnancy case management usually occurs from before birth until the child is one year old.

Perinatal Depression and Infant Mortality Risk Assessments

Helping to ensure a healthy, safe pregnancy.

Women who receive services are screened for perinatal depression and risk factors which may lead to infant mortality. Education, counseling and support services are offered when needed.

  • A bi-weekly support group is available to mom's with prenatal depression¬†
  • thereapy groups for preinatal mood disorders are also available. Call Nicole Cody at 269-370-0628 for an assessment and initial meeting.¬†

Parents as Teachers

Helping parents succeed in their most important job!

Parents as Teachers Educators actively work with parents and their children helping parents to prepare their children for lifelong learning. Our Parent Educators meet parents in the home or in the office working to accommodate parents' schedules as best as possible. This program typically partners with parents and family members from before or just after the child's birth until the child is three years old.

Mother Friend Mentors

Walking with you on your parenting journey.

Becoming a mother is one of the most challenging and rewarding things we can accomplish in our lives . . . but it's hard! You don't have to walk that journey alone and we have amazing mentors who provide one-to-one emotional support and friendship. Mother Friend mentors are typically women who have experienced pregnancy and parenting and want to walk your journey with you.



Mama Academy, Prenatal Classes, Get Your Grown Up On and more!

Caring Network offers a variety of classes to help parents -- before and after birth -- build on the skills and information they already possess so they can flourish! All classes are FREE and typically include snacks and baby-related gifts as a thank you for participating.

Our "Childbirth and Parenting Preparation for Teens" (CPPT) class and "Childbirth Basics" classes help moms understand pregnancy and prepare for birth and beyond. Our "Mama Academy" classes cover topics such as infant & toddler safety, making baby food, breastfeeding, and much more. 

The "Get Your Grown Up On" classes are offered at Caring Network and teach those life skills so important to new mothers.

Please click on the tab below to see class topics, dates, and locations.

Adoption Services

For women who aren't sure if parenting is their best choice, adoption options can be discussed confidentially with an adoption counselor.

Maternity and Baby Needs

Helping parents meet family needs.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, resources are available for Caring Network clients, including maternity and baby clothes, blankets, diapers, furniture, toys, and books.

Caring Network's Lending Library

Books, books, and more books!

Caring Network has a lending library available to all Caring Network clients. We encourage parents to read to their children even before birth.

Would You Like To Help?

There are so many ways to get involved.

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Projects to Consider

Do you know someone who could use our help? Please refer women to us if you think they may benefit from our help!
Invite us to speak at a special event, meeting, or even an informal gathering of people eager to learn more about our many services and how we could use your help!

Pray, pray, pray. We welcome all prayers for our moms, their babies, and our agency.