To donate by mail, send check made out to:
Catholic Charities Diocese of Kalamazoo
1819 Gull Rd. Kalamazoo, MI 49048
or drop off during business hours to any of our sites!

We are committed to be good stewards of every resource given to us. Here are some examples of what we can do with your generous gift:

A gift of $10 can provide:
Up to 5 boxes of food to help feed families in need
A gift of $25 can provide:
A half hour of crisis intervention services to a homeless youth
A box of diapers to a young mother
A gift of $100 can provide:
A class to 10 pregnant teens, preparing them for childbirth
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at The Ark Shelter for two days for homeless youth
An annual gift of $1,000 ($83 per month) can provide:
Drop-In/Prevention services at one location for a year, allowing staff to meet homeless youth in their community