Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Janet LeFevre!

Caring Closet at the Caring Network is a place where moms can "shop" for clothing and other supplies needed to take care of their families. The Closet is filled with donations from people and parishes throughout the Diocese of Kalamazoo. There is no charge to the clients who "shop" in the Caring Closet. I work in the Caring Closet at Caring Network on a weekly basis, sorting donations of children's clothing and other supplies needed to care for families. The fun part for me is sorting through the cute baby clothes, since my kids are grown. I also have been told that I have a gift for sorting and organizing - so why not share my God given gifts!

As a mom, I know how tough parenting can be. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, family and friends as a support system. Some of the clients at Caring Network don't have that. Working in the Caring Closet gives me the privilege to help the clients with at least the physical/material needs of their children.

I keep volunteering because of the clients. When I help a mom find clothing and other supplies for their family in the Caring Closet, I feel a connection - mom to mom. As moms we have that common thread of wanting to take care of our children. I feel that working in the Closet allows me to support a "fellow mom," if only for the moment that they are "shopping" in the Closet. It feels good and right. Also, the staff of Caring Network is incredibly thoughtful and giving- they do amazing work! It is a pleasure to work with them and give them support by helping maintain the Caring Closet.

Meet Ron Magin!

I am a recently retired Insurance Adjuster, a member of St Ann's Parish in Richland and Knights of Columbus Council 1616 in Kalamazoo.

I am involved in the Bread of Life Food Bank. I've had the privilege of meeting so many hard working and dedicated volunteers.
It is great knowing that our work is helping folks that need a hand up in getting through their struggles.

Also working the box packing on Tuesdays is one heck of a good work out :)