Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Denise Metzger

I enjoy volunteering at the Catholic Community Center because of all the wonderful people I work with and all the lovely neighbors of Benton Harbor I have met throughout the years.

My inspiration is definitely the Holy Spirit drawing me to help others.  There is no better feeling than helping a person in need.

Meet Nancy Nelson

I'm happy to have the opportunity to volunteer at the Catholic Community Center. Working at the Center, these past several years, has given me a chance to assist in aiding those, in this community, who are in need.

Meet Karen Rehrauer

We have two grown married children and we are happily now the grandparents of two girls and two boys who are the love or our lives.

I have retired from The Upjohn Company which is now Pfizer. I started working in 1973 in the Medical Department. I left in 1980 when we had our first child. I returned in 1996 and worked in the Pharmacovigilance Department until Pfizer moved our jobs to New Jersey in 2004. Between 1990 and 1996 I worked at St. Monica School as a teacher assistant to Sister Bernice, the kindergarten teacher. Very fun years! Our children attended St. Monica School, so it was a great place to work for the years our children were there.

Several years after I retired, I was looking for some place to volunteer and I had supported Caring Network by donating children's clothes. I appreciated Caring Network's mission and asked about their volunteer opportunities. I enjoy working in the Closet putting donated children's clothes in age designated bins. I especially enjoy helping out in the office doing projects that help out the administrative assistant since that is my background. The people working there could not be nicer or more pleasant and supportive to work with.

Meet Colleen Semler

I started working as a pharmacist when I graduated college.  Upon moving to MI from OH, I had 4 children rather quickly and chose to give up my pharmacy license to raise my children.  I had always hoped I could "work" in another capacity, and volunteering was a good fit for me while my children were young.  Once I started volunteering, I realized how much I loved it!  I also used every opportunity to get my children involved with me.  Whether I helped in schools, churches, women's and community organizations, or campaign events - I've enjoyed them all!

Having been very fortunate in my life, I've always felt I should give back what God has given me.  Whether it's His calling to me, or friends who have inspired me to volunteer, I've tried hard to listen.  Each volunteer opportunity has led me to great people and a feeling of making a difference in our little part of the world.  The ripple has to start somewhere, right?  I'm grateful and blessed to be able to volunteer and will do so as long as I can, God willing.