Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Karla Kaczmarski

My husband and I have 3 wonderful boys (ages 21, 19 and 15) who I have enjoyed staying home to help raise.  I enjoyed volunteering at their elementary school in various capacities and kept busy volunteering and supporting their extra-curricular activities.  My volunteer time decreased over the past couple of years as the boys have gotten older.  Last Spring as part of my Lenten obligations, I decided to get back into volunteering.  I found the Bread of Life Ministry through Catholic Charities and enjoy volunteering every Tuesday giving back to the community.  I have been blessed in many ways, and it makes me feel good to know that I can share my time and talents to help others.

Meet Karl Kerchief

I am a parishioner at St Martin of Tours, in Vicksburg. When I was working full-time, it was hard to find time to volunteer.  I was able to use some of my funds to donate to projects or situations.  When I retired from full-time employment, I felt like I was able to finally donate some of my TIME, even though I had less money to contribute.  So, I guess I look at my time spent volunteering at Catholic Charities as an opportunity to do something that I have not been able to physically do for others in the past, and that it helps me feel like I will be better able to respond in the future: yes, I actually did help give someone a drink or provided some food to someone in need.  Clearly, we all can volunteer something, be it money or time, or prayers.  One thing is not better than the other, and all are needed, so I look at physically volunteering time as just a different form of giving or Charity.  (One of the tenets of the Knights of Columbus).