Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Brian Wrozek

I'm employed by the Michigan Air National Guard in Battle Creek, MI, a 35-year veteran. I hold the rank of Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt). My position is with the 217th Air Communications Squadron (ACOMS) as an Operations Superintendent. I'm single and a member of St. Catherine's Parish, Portage, MI. I initially found out about the program from parish Knights of Columbus Counsel. After more than a year with the program, I would not change a thing. Volunteering gives me an additional sense of purpose and community while making new friends and serving the great good. The challenge of stocking tables and filling boxes with nutrition for life and being on the sharing end of handing out those boxes of non-perishable and fresh food gives me a sense of pride and appreciation. I try to live up to the quote by Winston Churchill, "You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give."

Meet Chuck Gates

Now that I'm retired, I finally feel I have the time to actively give back for the many blessings I've had in my life. The volunteering I've recently started doing at the Bread of Life food distribution center is the first volunteer work I've done, and I've found it to be very rewarding.
The staff and the veteran volunteers at the Bread of Life center are extremely friendly and welcoming. They also know what they're doing, and the center is very well run and efficient. Because of that and the efforts and great teamwork of everyone there I feel like my time spent there is well invested and never wasted. I've been really impressed with the large number of food packages that we can prepare in a relatively short period of time - serving a lot of people in need.
Initially I was completely inspired by the people I've met who work at Catholic Charities. Their work is not just what they do but part of who they are. Talented people who could be doing other things but have a strong desire to serve God by helping other people. Seeing how they support each other and pull together to lift up people in need has been very inspiring to me. Now I've met lots of other people working at Bread of Life who work hard together to ensure that people get the supplemental food they need. Ultimately, I'm inspired by the people we're serving who just need a bit of help as they try to feed their families and are facing record high food prices. I look forward to continuing this work and finding other ways to serve as well.