CCDOK and Holy Family Healthcare Partnership

CCDOK has contracted Dr. Don Bouchard for a four-month consulting relationship, with the objective of assessing the potential synergies between the CCDOK services and other outreach ministries of the Diocese of Kalamazoo, particularly Holy Family Health Care.

Dr. Bouchard will be spending time over the coming months with the CCDOK Leadership Team and staff to gain an in-depth understanding of the scope of services, staffing, revenue sources, and operational/administrative processes. "I am very excited to be exploring possible collaborations between CCDOK and other outreach ministries as well as growing those between Holy Family Healthcare and CCDOK. There are a lot of wonderful people providing many amazing services for the needy within our diocese," says Dr. Bouchard. "I pray that we are able to develop a more comprehensive understanding of services within the Diocese to better coordinate care to maximize impact. I respectfully request your prayers during this time of assessment."

Since Tim Lieser's resignation, Kerry Williams (CCDOK's Associate Director) has been asked by the board to serve as Interim Executive Director of CCDOK. In this role, Kerry will work closely with the Leadership Team and the board to assure that services continue to be provided and that day-to-day administrative responsibilities are carried out.

Decision making related to filling the role of President/CEO will resume after July 1. Priorities for this position will be established based on insights gained through Dr. Bouchard's assessment and opportunities the board identifies for integration of the outreach ministries of the Diocese.